About cook

The trademark Cook pays careful attention to the requirements of modern kitchens including pots, food preparation tools and equipment, serving utensils, preservation and storage. All these meet the customers’ need throughout the Utrade Web with extreme preciseness and speed. Furthermore, it provides customers comfort and luxury.


Cook was launched in 2007. This trademark proved its merit year after year, relying on excellence in quality of goods offered to the customers who are looking for products that are safe for health and consumption with high quality and competitive prices in an era where excellence is no longer an option!

Cook provides pots and kitchen devices from prominent international manufacturer with modern designs and unique materials obtained conformity with requirements by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation for various kitchen uses.

Products include: ceramic pots, granite, stainless steel, pressure, fryers, trays, spoons, scoops, serving utensils and hospitality, electric cookers, removing and filling air devices for food preservation and storage.

Cook offers its electronic services for all residents of Saudi Arabia in particular, and the Arabian Gulf in general.

  1. Satisfy customers’ needs regularly.
  2. Keep up-to-date with the latest kitchens provision and providing their best products.
  3. Achieve customer’s loyalty by making Cook his\her first choice for kitchen equipment.
  4. Expanding the circle of customers by providing the largest possible variety of high quality products with competitive prices.
  5. Provide an ideal service for online store customers.

To pioneer among trademarks targeting kitchens.

Providing reliable and safe global products for modern kitchens that generally suit customers’ need in cooking, hospitality, serving utensils, food preservation and storage, with high quality and reasonable prices. Moreover, it provides variety of designs, used materials, and manufactured countries in a way that suits different customer  taste.

The trademark adheres to a system of values in dealing with its customers:

  1. Transparency: We deal with a system that is clear for customers, all payment items are declared and defined precisely.
  2. Integrity: we highly concerned with honesty, we apology to the customer in case we mistaken, we abide by the laws, and do not hide the facts at all.
  3. Team spirit: We work in harmony as an integrated, cohesive and cooperating team in order to achieve our goal and deliver our message.
  4. Equity: We deal with our customers, exporters and employees equally, in an effort to enhance trust and spread a positive reputation for Cook trademark.
  5. Leadership: We strengthen expertise necessary for the team and develop their leadership spirit in order to make them and the web up to the level of overall leadership.
  6. Quality: We endorse the highest quality of the products provided. We are carful to provide a precise description of the products of Cook.
  7. Persistence improvement: We always seek the best for the sake of making our customer satisfied with the value added to both service and product and to gain a really pleasant and useful experience.
  8. Estimating time: We take in consideration the value of customer’s time and we appreciate his\her order for the product. As a result, we intensify efforts to deliver Cook’s products for him\ her as soon as possible.

Team Work

Yahya Al - Maliky
CEO / Founder

CEO of Unlimited trading company and utrade online Store.